We have some new friends! – Reintroduction post

Yes, guys! I joined THE JOLLY SPACE blog! I joined it because the thing I love most in the world is making people happy! I have to post at least one post a month so I don’t think it would get into my schedule though I have really good posts planned for this blog!
Thanks, Roshni for giving me the opportunity!

The Jolly Space

Hi, everyone! I hope you are doing well! I have some exciting news today! The Jolly Space has new members! Isn’t that great? New members means new creative posts and more fun!😍

Okay, let me introduce our new friends to you guys:

Sateja– She blogs over at MeWrites. She likes blogging, bullet journaling and reading. She’s an amazing blogger. And oh, she’s just so sweet!

Anjali – She blogs over at Anjali Writes and Reads. She’s super talented! She likes to read and write and she’s a booktuber! Like, wow, how awesome is that! She’s also passionate about sharing positivity!

Guys, please give a round of applause to our new friends! Sateja and Anjali, we are truly very happy to have you guys here.😃💕

Let me also introduce you to other members of our team!

Maggie– She blogs at Maggie’s Doodles. She’s an amazing blogger…

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🌿 Happy Earth Day!! 🌿

Yep, so I am lazy to write a post about Earth Day so here’s a reblog of Selina’s post! Lol-

Anyways, Happy Earth Day 🌏

Simply Selina

Hello, hello, hello, my beloved blooming readers!

Today is Earth Day, and in fact, I wrote a poem about it a few days ago! Change — a poem

Let’s list some ways we can help our blue planet!

  • Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle! ♻️
  • Pick up any trash we see outside.
  • Bring our own reusable bags when going shopping! 🛍️
  • Cut back on air pollution. Walk, bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerskate, etc… whenever you can!
  • Save energy! Turn off the lights whenever possible, and don’t let the water run on for long periods of time.

Anything else you would like to add to the list?

Enjoy your Earth Day, and remember, Everyday is Earth Day!

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This is to inform you that Anjali Dhankhar isn’t dead or kidnapped by her school friends.

We all have read the title so let's start the rambling cuz why not! The last post I did was on the 8th of April and today's the 21st! I am not dead or kidnapped by my school friends (jk, lol). I just got SUPER busy with school and stuff! Here's a horrible anime drawing… Continue reading This is to inform you that Anjali Dhankhar isn’t dead or kidnapped by her school friends.

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Trusting True North Book (ARC Review)

I received an ARC of Trusting True North by Gina Linko. Here's my review. What a heartfelt read! Trusting True North is an authentic middle grade at its best. I loved the family and friendships as well as the hard truth of living through a pandemic and all the emotions, concerns, and hardships that it brings. This author does not shy away from difficult topics such as death, sickness, separations from family and friends, and bullying. I highly recommend this contemporary novel that tugged at my heart on every page.


Blog designing guide: my tips for making your blog look pleasing✨🦋 pt. 1

Wow, Evin gave such helpful tips! I decided to reblog it because I know how much time it takes to do these kinds of posts even though I haven’t really done any posts in this category but I have Instagram and YouTube experience in these kinds of things.
I love Evin’s posts! She’s an amazing and interactive blogger. I cannot get enough of her posts!
I would appreciate it so much if you would check out the post! Also please follow Evin’s blog 🙂

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

Being a blogger for a little over a year, I can say that I’ve come across a variety of blogs, and their designs. Every time I saw a new one, I wanted to change my blog because I never thought it was good enough as the other ones.

The last time I was redesigning, I didn’t know where to start, or what to change about my current design. I went to the reader but didn’t find any posts that could help.🙃

So I decided, why not write one myself? I put together a bunch of ideas, hacks, & tips for designing I wish I knew sooner😉

my guide to blog designing

Finding your aesthetic/style

Remember that this is NOT necessary for every blog. I’m sharing this because deciding what I’m going to design beforehand helps me save time.😊

Before you start designing your blog, you could…

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authortube newbie tag \\ meet this writer

yes, i know it's been a while since i uploaded but I'm back! i am beyond excited to start posting more and more videos. i was getting bored posting only bookish videos so i decided to shift my genre of videos. so i entered authortube! from now on, i would post writing-related videos. in this… Continue reading authortube newbie tag \\ meet this writer