mY yOuTuBe fEeD \\ fAv cHaNnElS i’Ve sUbScRiBeD tO

hElLo mY lOvElY pOiSoNoUs pEePs! wElCoMe bAcK! sO, tHiS iS sUcH a rAnDoM pOsT bUt I hAd tO pOsT iT bEcAuSe cUrReNtLy, I hAvEn’T gOt aNyThInG tHaT iNtErEsTiNg tO pOsT tHeSe dAyS. I gOt tHe iDeA tO dO tHiS pOsT bY pOoRwA’s pOsT.

hErE’s mY yOuTuBe fEeD:

wHy iS tHiS sCrEeNsHoT sO bLuRrY-

fAv aRt cHaNnEls:

I hAvE bEeN iNtO aRt a lOt lAtElY aNd I dIsCoVeReD mAnY cOoL cHaNnElS!

  • DrawingWiffWaffles: I dIsCoVeReD tHiS cHaNnEl oNlY tOdAy aNd I hAvE aLrEaDy wAtChEd a mIlLiOn vIdEoS! hEr sTyLe iS sO cLeAn and pLeAsInG! I aM oBsEsSeD wItH iT!

fAv bOoKtUbE cHaNnElS:

  • Alexandra Roselyn: gOd, hEr vOiCe iS wHaT kEePs mE aLiVe! sHe’S jUsT sO gOoD! tHoUgH, hEr vLoGs aRe pReTtY lOnG, tHeY aRe wOrTh wAtChInG!
  • cari can read
  • colyyy
  • Hailey in Bookland

fAv aUtHoRtUbE cHaNnElS:

  • ana neu: tAlK aBoUt aEsThEtIc! hEr cOnTeNt iS tHe bEsT aNd hEr eDiTiNg sTyLe iS tOo aWeSoMe!
  • Kris MF
  • Write with Claire Fraise
  • Abbie Emmons

hOnOrAbLe mEnTiOnS:

  • Beluga
  • call me chia
  • cari cakes
  • Daniel LaBelle
  • Erika Diane
  • Kasi Kay
  • Cuke Cookie Gaming
  • itsdivya
  • lulu fox
  • Mel Torrefranca
  • oliviareadsalatte
  • SiimplyBubliie
  • Vibs World

hErE’s mY mAy pLaYlIsT:

tysm evin for spending SO MUCH time and organizing your spotify playlists! because of you, i discovered some great music and realized how good your music taste is!

tHiS iS iT fOr nOw, pEePs!

12 thoughts on “mY yOuTuBe fEeD \\ fAv cHaNnElS i’Ve sUbScRiBeD tO

  1. The random capitalization was quite a feat! This is a longer post so I can’t imagine how long it took! Kudos to you! Also, sounds like you watch some lovely youtube channels.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have a few channels in common!! I used to watch Erika Diane’s channel😄
    And beluga, such an icon. Alsoo, you’re welcome. I spent HOURS on Spotify and I’m glad you found new music through it!! 🌻💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I am obsessed with Erika’s editing-
      and beluga’s truly iconic-
      I really appreciate your effort! You changed my life by making me obsessed with Conan Gray-
      I never liked his music before because I simply never listened to it. I know…dumb-

      Liked by 1 person

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