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The Reality of homework \ The Reality series #1

Hehe. I published my first post on THE JOLLY SPACE aka the blog I just joined! 😀
This post was really fun to write and I hope you all will be looking forward to more posts in this series!

The Jolly Space

Okay, we all know about the humongous homework we get from school and how it takes us forever to finish it (let’s not leave the pending work here), right? Welcome to the reality series: The reality lies behind sugarcoating.

Note: This post was written on May 2nd.

It’s Anjali, THE JOLLY SPACE’s newest member! This is my very first post and I am kind of nervous lol. Anyways, I have got many great ideas for the upcoming posts! From this post on, I will be starting a series called “The Reality” series where I will discuss the realities of this world. I don’t mean to make it offensive. I just want to do it for fun 🙂

This post is the first in the series and is called: The Reality of homework. This is such a roastable topic as it’s been about a month since offline school started. Let’s start…

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